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Important Prerequisites for a Nose Job

What Prerequisites for a Nose Job can you do? The famous and well known plastic surgery procedure in the medical field for making one’s nose is a nose job, or rhinoplasty. A lot of conventional plastic surgery procedures exists for changing the appearance of the nose. We have listed the things that you have to follow before making surgery, and some surgery descriptions and also some points about revision surgeries if needed. Before getting into the nose job surgery you have to clarify the following points mentioned below.

Prerequisites for a Nose Job you can do

Shaping Your New Nose

First you have to select your plastic surgeon. Then you must consult with the surgeon you choose and ask him about the nose job whether it will come out well or not. Also you must know that how they are going to change your nose and is there any a risk or impediments for the plastic surgery procedure.

Shaping Your New Nose

Your Traditions

Some ethnicity have very outstanding nose features. Consult with your doctor if you want these skin texture somewhat changed or detached on the whole. Some patients are anxious about their new emergence if they see their features removed or dramatically changed.

Need for Nose Job Surgery

Are you suffering from nose trauma that impedes the functionality of your nose? Do you want to remove your bump that you feel is too large? Do you just wish for changing your nose a little bit to make it different? Plastic surgeons recommend considering how a rhinoplasty cosmetic procedure will impact your life and relationships. Those who want to feel better and more confident about themselves are usually opting for a nose job surgery.

Identifying the Type of Your Nose Job

A nose job is a surgery that involves cutting and re-shaping of the skin around your nose bone and cartilage. To change the shape of your nose, plastic surgeons will use either an open or close procedure. Both are much related to each other and each one has their advantages and as well as some disadvantages.

Identifying the Type of Your Nose Job

Open Rhinoplasty

To facilitate the accessibility of the nasal passage for the plastic surgeon, the external skin between the nostrils is sliced horizontally. This will pave the way for a plastic surgeon to enter the areas of the nose without any difficulty for making the surgery in a successful way. There will be an additional incision on the external area of the nose, but it will eventually disappear once you recover from surgery.

Closed Rhinoplasty

Closed rhinoplasty is not the same as an open procedure. In closed rhinoplasty procedure, the skin between the nostrils is not cut, and the surgeon, instead, makes an incision inside the nose.


As rhinoplasty changes the look of a person, many of the patients were stunned after seeing their appearance. Some may feet happy with their new look and some may not. If you do not like your new nose, you may undergo a “secondary rhinoplasty” or a “revision rhinoplasty.” As the tissues of the nose were cut because of the initial rhinoplasty, sometimes surgeons will feel that it is very difficult to perform the second rhinoplasty. So before undergoing a revision rhinoplasty, make sure to consult with your plastic surgeon about how he handles revisions.

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