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The Guide to Successful Teenage Rhinoplasty

Who should consider a teenage rhinoplasty? The teenage years are filled with promises of a wonderful time. Most high school students can look forward to joining sports teams, hanging out with their best friends on the weekend, heading to the prom, and ultimately celebrating their graduation. However, this time is also a difficult and tumultuous time for many teens, especially if they do not have the self-confidence they need to enjoy their time in high school. Between peer pressure and self-induced pressure, teenagers are having a more difficult time than ever before remaining cool, calm, collected, and confident. Sometimes, a teenage rhinoplasty is the perfect way to boost a teen’s self-image and allow them to regain control of their life.

Reasons Teenagers Seek Rhinoplasty Procedures

A teenage rhinoplasty patient has usually spent years dealing with the self-esteem issues caused by an unattractive nose. It’s tough to go through life changes and feel that you are being ridiculed for something that you simply cannot control. Many cosmetic surgery clinics offer appointments and surgery times that can very easily accommodate the busy schedules of teenagers and their families. As long as the parents are supportive of the person that desires treatment, it is possible to get the treatment done over a school break. 

A rhinoplasty, also known more commonly as a nose job, is becoming increasingly popular among adults and teens alike. Teens are subjected to peer pressure, so more and more of them find themselves wanting to undergo cosmetic surgeries in order to improve their appearances. Teens considering undergoing teenage rhinoplasty can improve their self-esteem and provide themselves with the emotional support that they need during a sensitive age. 

Reasons Teenagers Seek Rhinoplasty Procedures

The Popularity of Teenage Rhinoplasty

Teenagers have the option of undergoing teenage rhinoplasty with expert cosmetic surgeons, just like adults. It is one of the few treatments that a teenager could undergo at such a youthful age because it is a great way to put a stop to constant bullying and insecurity. The nose is not going to change without the help of a surgeon, and professional cosmetic surgeons are happy to provide a positive change to anyone looking for the right reasons. 

Teenage patients have often been visiting expert cosmetic surgeons, hoping to improve their appearance and give themselves that self-confidence boost that they need. Moreover, in recent years, teenage cosmetic surgery has increased throughout the United States. The rhinoplasty is the most often requested plastic surgery for this age group — this is true across the country. Cosmetic surgeons strongly encourage teens who are interested in this procedure to come to a consultation with all interested parties, including their parents.

Learning What Teenage Rhinoplasty Entails

Before jumping into a teenage rhinoplasty, teens and their parents might want to learn a bit more about just what the procedure entails. Getting all the facts beforehand can help keep expectations realistic and ensure that teens and their parents make a more informed decision. 

First of all, the issues that teenage rhinoplasty can address include large bumps in the nose, drooping tips, wide nasal bridges, wide nostrils, uneven symmetry, and a variety of other nasal issues. While some teens might want to undergo teenage rhinoplasty for purely aesthetic reasons, others might want to undergo the procedure for medical reasons. For instance, teens who have been injured in accidents or who were born with congenital disabilities might consider the surgery, as well as might teens who experience trouble breathing. 

Some parents might have reservations about letting their teens undergo teenage rhinoplasty, and that’s why deciding whether the procedure is right for teens comes down to a personal decision between the teen and parent in question. Generally, it is necessary that rhinoplasty not be performed on teen girls until they are at least 15 years of age and teen boys until they are at least 16 years of age. This is to help ensure that their facial features have finished growing so that there won’t be any complications due to growth issues later on. 

Youngest Age for Teenage Rhinoplasty

Youngest Age for Teenage Rhinoplasty

The youngest age of a female rhinoplasty patient is 15 because this is typically the earliest when the nose has fully developed. Boys have to wait until they are at least 17 to undergo a teenage rhinoplasty for the same reason, but this is usually a good age to determine maturity for a permanent procedure as well. An expert cosmetic surgeon’s attention to detail and refined techniques help create results that do not require an inconvenient revision surgery. 

Additionally, the emotional and mental stability of teens can also play a huge role in whether or not they are ideal candidates for teenage rhinoplasty. It’s essential that teens understand why they are choosing to get the surgery and that they have reasonable motivations for doing so. It’s also important that teens have realistic expectations from their surgeries. When they go in for their initial consultation with a cosmetic surgeon, the surgeon will advise them of all the pros and cons associated with the procedure as well as the types of outcomes that they can reasonably expect from rhinoplasty.

Minor patients who are under the age of 18 must have prior written consent from a parent or legal guardian before the surgery can be completed. By having the parents and the patients come to the consultation together, the cosmetic surgeon ensures that everyone is on the same page for the procedure. At this time, they also can inform patients that they adhere to a strict minimum age requirement for this procedure. Female patients must be between the ages of 15 and 16 years old to have a rhinoplasty, whereas male patients should be about 17 or 18 years old. This is the point at which the nose is fully developed, and surgery can be done successfully.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty Recovery for Teenagers

Note that if the age restrictions are met, this is actually an ideal time to have a cosmetic surgery done. Teens are resilient and able to recover from surgery quickly and easily. Also, they have not yet lost the elasticity in their skin, so the surgeon can provide them with the best results possible. For more information on this plastic surgery, take the time to set up a free consultation appointment with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon.

Sitting down with the cosmetic surgeon to complete a consultation is a very important part of a teenage rhinoplasty. The doctor needs to feel that the patient is ready to take on such a serious commitment and that the individual is a good candidate. Recovery is much easier for a teenager because they heal rapidly and can adapt to changes very easily. Imagine the benefit of going back to your school looking better than ever before.

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