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Butt Lift and Buttock Enlargement

Do you know more about Buttock Enlargement? Looking youthful and beautiful has always been the wildest dream of mankind. Beauty consciousness has always been on mankind’s minds and for some odd reason, been immensely important to homo sapiens ever since this breed of Earth’s creatures gained some common sense and became civilized. Some of the oldest examples of praise for youthfulness come from the Egyptian times when Queen Cleopatra used a wide variety of natural treatments to keep herself looking younger all the time.

Even before that, the sculptures created by ancient Egyptians depict their gods only with a very youthful skin. This shows the Egyptian love for youthfulness. After that, came the Greeks who were greatly inspired by male beauty. They only carved with marble, nude male youthful looking boys. Hence it is known that signs of old age were never a cup of tea for mankind. And hence, it can be clear that today’s trends of butt lift and buttock enlargement are somewhat an evolution and continuity of Cleopatra’s mesmerizing beauty regimes.

What is Buttock Enlargement?

What is Buttock Enlargement?

A number of cosmetic surgeries have become popular since the 1980’s and women are getting them done with increasing demand and trend. Fake yet perfectly shaped noses, voluptuous lips, clear cheek bones and enhanced breasts are a common part of female beauty these days. Another highly popular surgery that a lot of women undergo these days is the butt lift and buttock enlargement. This is a special plastic surgery tightens, lifts up, and makes the buttocks more appealing in size.

Also commonly known as “Brazilian butt lift”, this surgery is just as dangerous as any other plastic surgery. Just like in liposuction, a patient is anesthetized before his or her fat is excreted and sucked on, butt lift also requires anesthetizing. However, in this case, instead of the removal, fat is rather inserted or transplanted in. This process involves extraction of fat from any other part of the body and transplantation of the same into the butts.

A separate surgery tightens the skin of the buttocks in order to make them look more youthful and impressive. Both the surgeries go together, and as the result, a woman gets her body to look the way she desires; it is the tight yet larger buttocks.

Potential Risks

Since bulgy and tight buttocks have almost become a sex symbol or symbol of a perfect female figure, women are not getting it done just for their husbands or boyfriends. It has rather become one of the major needs of female celebrities such as actors, fashion models and rock stars.

Just as in any other plastic surgery, Brazilian butt lift might also cause infection, bleeding, pain, numbness, fluid collection, and irregular contours making what was supposed to be a perfect shape, somewhat imperfect.

Understanding Revision Surgery

Understanding Revision Surgery

Also, this surgery may require a revision surgery. On one hand, it does not happen in all the cases and is not considered a part of the butt lift surgery, but, on the other hand, most cases of butt lifting require revision surgeries. This makes it not only very dangerous for a person to undergo such a surgery again and again but also makes it fairly uneconomical and a bit too expensive. The revision surgery is primarily based on the correction of the irregularities or unevenness of the skin.

The revision surgery is also aimed at the checkup of the desired size. If the required size is not achieved in the first attempt of the surgery, the doctor would try to get hold of it in the second one. In many cases, this surgery has also not been very successful in terms of sizes and the lumps that may form on the skin.

However, success or failure is a part of life. Thus, it does not scare anyone from going for butt lift and buttock enlargement. There have been innumerable cases in which this surgery has been immensely successful and given people, a whole new life.

This has not happened by only giving people a new and perfected figure but also enhanced their sexual and even social lives to a great extent. So, all the ladies who have been willing to get a change in their figure need not to hesitate. All what is required is to find the best doctor available in town.

This will surely give you  what you have always dreamed of. If medically trimmed bodies are in these days, you need not to hide away from them but instead, make use of your desires to design your body for yourself and see a cosmetic doctor to get it done. Whatever the results might be, they would always be successful to some extent.

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