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2 Simple Reasons Why Losing Weight for Women Is More Difficult

Do you know Losing Weight for women is not easy?

Have you ever noticed that even following the same exercise and diet routine as a man, the results for a woman are not the same? The fact that women have more difficulty losing weight than men can be explained due to several factors.

When two people of opposite genders have the same exercise and diet routine, what you keep in mind is that they will achieve the same result simultaneously, but what happens is that men can lose weight much faster. This is due to faster metabolism and testosterone, a hormone that gives muscle mass.

The Hormonal Issue

The male hormone, testosterone, is what makes men more prone to strength than women. However, muscles are mainly responsible for caloric expenditure, as they are the ones that make the body willing to practice physical activities and even daily ones more vigorously.

Estrogen, the female hormone, causes a woman’s body to accumulate more fat in the abdomen, breasts, and lower limbs. However, fat accumulates almost exclusively in the abdominal region for men, making weight loss more visible and faster.

The Hormonal Issue for Women

During menopause and andropause, the body’s testosterone levels drop, causing lean body mass to decrease considerably. In addition, at menopause, as the ovaries stop working, fat accumulates even more in the abdomen region. Thus, it is becoming even more difficult for women over 50 years of age to lose weight.

So that, even at an older age, men and women can keep themselves in shape, it is essential to follow an exercise routine to the letter. It is necessary to continue with aerobic activities and weight training to activate the metabolism and burn calories.


The difference in caloric expenditure between women and men in just 30 minutes of physical activity is huge. For example, some studies have shown that men have a caloric spending about 1.3 times higher than women in yoga, spinning, and Zumba. This is because men’s metabolism is much faster than women’s. In addition, factors such as the size of the male lung and heart and the increased production of testosterone make them lose about twice as much fat as women.

Women, however, can reach the same levels of caloric expenditure after six months or so. Also, some foods can trigger metabolism. See some examples below.

Foods That Speed ​​Up Metabolism

Foods That Speed ​​Up Metabolism


Consuming water with ginger slices during the day and significantly while training can help you lose more calories. Ginger is thermogenic and makes the body warm up and lose more calories. In addition to helping you lose weight, water with ginger also keeps you hydrated during your workouts.


Adding a dash of cinnamon to your meals can help you lose weight. That’s because cinnamon is also thermogenic, causing metabolism to be accelerated, and more localized fat (which tends to bother women the most) is burned.


Pepper is already well known for warming the body, but not so much for its slimming power. The consumption of pepper makes the metabolism speed up, and the body burns calories faster. Consuming it with every meal can help boost your workouts.

Losing Weight for women is challenging, but how to reduce this difficulty?

The fact that men lose weight more quickly and easily can be very annoying to women. However, the difference is that women are always active in general, as they perform much more functions than men. In this sense, an organized routine can be essential for weight loss.

Including a late-afternoon walk and consuming more home-grown foods, free of processed and processed spices, can make your body work much harder. Keeping an active life is very important so that the body is always in shape, and with small daily replacements, you can see great results in your body.

In general, women are more concerned about their bodies when compared to men – and this demand is even more evident due to this difficulty in losing weight. What must always be kept in mind is that health always comes first. Thinness is not always a sign of health, but maintaining a balanced life is essential to living with more quality and comfort.

You saw that women have more difficulty losing weight, mainly due to genetic factors that make men burn more calories. However, active life can cause these levels to equal over time.

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