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Primary & Secondary Rhinoplasty Procedures

Every patient has a different reason for wanting to invest in cosmetic surgery. For some patients, they want to enjoy the benefits the primary rhinoplasty has to offer. Other patients are interested in working with a qualified surgeon on a revision rhinoplasty, which is also known as a secondary rhinoplasty.

What is a Primary Rhinoplasty Procedures?

A primary rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery that improves the appearance of the nose for the patient. It is considered a primary rhinoplasty when it is the first nose job that a patient has had done. The majority of rhinoplasty procedures are primary rhinoplasty procedures as the rhinoplasty is known for its permanent results. There are several different primary rhinoplasty options, including the traditional rhinoplasty, the ethnic rhinoplasty, the open rhinoplasty, the closed rhinoplasty, the male rhinoplasty and the teenage rhinoplasty.

What is a Secondary Rhinoplasty Procedure?

A secondary rhinoplasty procedure is a nose job that is being performed for the second time. It also is sometimes referred to as the revision rhinoplasty procedure. The main reason that patients have a revision procedure performed is if they are not satisfied with the results from the primary rhinoplasty, or they have experienced an injury or accident that damaged their nose after the primary rhinoplasty. Patients must wait at least 12 months after their primary rhinoplasty before they can decide if a revision procedure is the right choice for them. It can take up to a year for patients to see the full results of their primary rhinoplasty procedure.

What is the Rhinoplasty Recovery Process Like?

The recovery process from a primary rhinoplasty lasts about 7-10 days, with most people returning to work within 2 weeks. The secondary rhinoplasty recovery process can take longer as it is a more complicated procedure. All rhinoplasty patients should exercise caution when venturing out into the sun and always protect their nose with sunscreen. In addition, contact sports should be avoided for several months in order to protect the nose.

It is important that anyone considering cosmetic surgery understands the differences between a primary and secondary rhinoplasty procedure as well as the reasons for having these procedures performed by an expert facial plastic surgeon. Patients can rely on their local surgeon for the excellent advice and medical expertise that they need in order to make the best decision for themselves.

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