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3 Considerations About Correcting Nasal Trauma with a Nose Job

Given its central location on the face, it comes as no surprise that the nose is especially prone to trauma. Sports-related injuries and car accidents can easily result in a broken nose, and this can distort or change the appearance of the nose. Nasal trauma may result in a crooked nose, and it can also lead to a bump or hump on the nasal bridge. Patients who want to correct their nasal trauma and improve their appearance may consider having a rhinoplasty performed.

What Do I Need to Know About Correcting Nasal Trauma with a Nose Job?

Contact a Plastic Surgeon Immediately After Injury

The first thing that patients need to know is that they need to contact an expert facial plastic surgeon immediately after the injury takes place. Some people mistakenly try to correct their own appearance and this leads to further damage and complications.

By consulting with a cosmetic surgeon quickly after the initial injury, the surgeon can evaluate the injury and create a surgical plan for the patient. This will give patients the best chance of correcting the appearance of their nose and feeling satisfied with the way that they look again.

Contact a Plastic Surgeon Immediately After Injury

The Approach Depends on the Type of Injury

Depending on the location and extent of the injury, the surgeon may utilize one of several approaches to this surgery. For injuries to the bone structure of the nose, most surgeons recommend that the patient give the nose time to heal first before they attempt to correct the appearance of the nose through cosmetic surgery.

If the cartilage has been distorted, this is usually an easier fix because of the spring-like texture of this portion of the nose. The cartilage usually reverts to its original position quite easily. In some cases, a septoplasty is required because the septum has been deviated during the injury. A septoplasty and rhinoplasty procedure can be performed in order to give patients the structural results they need and the aesthetic results that they want from the surgery.

The Goal and Results of Rhinoplasty Following Nasal Trauma

The Goal and Results of Rhinoplasty Following Nasal Trauma

In most cases, the goal of the rhinoplasty to correct nasal trauma is to fix aesthetic issues that are a result of the injury. This means that most patients will not be able to have a rhinoplasty performed in order to correct other aspects of their nose. After their operation as well as their recovery process is complete, patients will find that they look like they did prior to the injury. Patients who are looking for more extensive improvements should discuss their options with the facial plastic surgeon during the initial consultation.

It’s important for patients to realize that nasal trauma is quite common, and in most cases it is easily corrected. People do not have to live with a bump on their nose or deal with a crooked nose for the rest of their lives simply because they had an incident that resulted in an injury. An expert cosmetic surgeon will be able to create a personalized cosmetic surgery plan that addresses your own individual injury and your unique personal desires.

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