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8 Outstanding Tips to Improve Septoplasty Recovery

After septoplasty procedures, it is imperative that the septoplasty recovery process be carefully handled to ensure the most successful results. Patients who suffer from a deviated septum often seek the help from a facial plastic surgeon who can perform a septoplasty procedure. This is a medically-necessary surgery in which the structural issues in the nose are addressed. During the septoplasty, the surgeon will correct the septal cartilage so that it is no longer deviated. This helps to alleviate many uncomfortable symptoms for the patient, including excessive snoring, difficulty breathing, and trouble sleeping through the night. Patients who are considering this nose surgery should understand how to take care of their nose best after the operation is complete.

Some physical symptoms can be addressed with the septoplasty procedure. The septoplasty is a medically-necessary surgical operation that addresses structural issues associated with a deviated septum in the nose. This is a relatively standard surgical procedure, and many people also opt to combine it with a rhinoplasty at the same time. However, patients who decide to have the septoplasty performed should understand how to best care for themselves during their septoplasty recovery at home. This will allow them to maximize the benefits of the surgery and enjoy sleeping better as well as breathing easier once it is complete.

How Can I Best Care for Myself During Septoplasty Recovery

Enlist a Caregiver

Enlist the help of a caregiver and spend your time resting with your head elevated. There is significant bruising and swelling after the septoplasty procedure, and patients may feel minor discomfort immediately following the surgery. By keeping the head elevated while resting, patients are able to reduce swelling and focus on getting better as quickly as possible. Ask friends and family to take care of household chores and help make you comfortable during the first 24-48 hours after the procedure.

Discomfort Immediately After Surgery

In the first few days following the operation, patients can expect to be in some discomfort after the surgery. Ice packs are typically used in order to help the patient manage the pain as well as relieve the swelling and bruising on the nose. In addition, the surgeon will likely prescribe pain medications in order to help patients cope with the discomfort of the surgery. This mild discomfort is normal and is to be expected, and will probably only last for a few days after the operation. Most people can return to work within 7-10 days after having the septoplasty performed.

Saline Nasal Spray to Moisturize

Saline Nasal Spray to Moisturize

Patients may find that their nose feels dry or crusty after the surgery. A saline nasal spray can be used in order to keep the nose moisturized. It is crucial to keep the nose moisturized but also essential to avoid rubbing or blowing the nose. This can cause damage to the structure of the nose and can also increase the risk of complications. Instead, patients should opt to dab their nose with a soft tissue if necessary.

Don’t Strain Yourself

Take it easy, and do not strain yourself in order to accomplish any tasks. This can impact the structural improvements that were made during the operation. It is especially crucial to avoid straining yourself while going to the bathroom. In addition, patients should take extra efforts to prevent constipation during the septoplasty recovery period.

Avoid Exercise for a While

It is important to avoid strenuous exercise and contact sports for at least 4-6 weeks after the operation. The nose is an incredibly fragile structure, and it takes time for it to recover from the septoplasty procedure completely. However, patients can resume light walking and small chores around the house within the first few days following the operation. 

Avoid Bending Over or Heavy Lifting

Patients should also avoid bending over entirely in order to lift objects and should not lift anything that is heavier than 10 pounds. Patients may feel better physically, and the pain may subside, but that does not mean that the nose has completely healed. Therefore, it is essential to be extra careful during the first few weeks of the recovery and to even remain vigilant for several months after the surgery.

Benefits of Cold Compresses

Benefits of Cold Compresses

Keep cold compresses on the surgical area immediately after the surgery. Cold compresses and ice packs serve a dual purpose. First and foremost, they will help the swelling subside after the surgery. However, these same compresses will also numb the area and allow the patient to feel more comfortable after the operation. However, patients should be careful and avoid putting too much pressure on the actual surgical site. In addition, you will want to avoid damaging the results of the surgery.

Eat a Light Diet

Eat a light diet consisting of soft and cool foods. Fruit smoothies and yogurt are great choices after the septoplasty because they are both soft and cool. Those types of foo will also help the patient stay regular during the septoplasty recovery process. Patients should not eat any hot foods or hot liquids for several days after the operation.

Patients who choose to have a septoplasty performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon will enjoy the physical relief that comes after this operation is complete. However, if someone is looking for additional improvements to the appearance of their nose, they may want to have the septoplasty combined with the nose job procedure. An expert cosmetic surgeon can perform both procedures at the same time, allowing septoplasty patients to not only feel better but also look better after the operation. The most significant benefit, of course, is the fact that the patient only has to endure one septoplasty recovery process despite the fact that two different procedures are being performed.

The septoplasty procedure provides the patient with structural improvements to their nose, so most people will not notice any physical changes to the appearance of their nose after this surgery. However, if you want to improve the appearance of their nose at the same time may want to consider the septoplasty and rhinoplasty combination procedure. People with a deviated septum can set up an appointment with a surgeon in order to find out if they are a qualified candidate for either the septoplasty or the septorhinoplasty procedure.

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