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The 3 Stages of Successful Rhinoplasty Procedures

The rhinoplasty is an ever-popular cosmetic surgery procedure, and numerous prospective cosmetic surgery patients opt to have this procedure performed each year. The goal of the rhinoplasty, known by many patients as the nose job, is to improve the appearance of a person’s nose.

Preparing for a Rhinoplasty Procedure

The best facial plastic surgeons will work to provide the patient with not only the nose that they want but also the nose that they need. It’s important that each patient leaves the operating room looking as natural as possible. Patients who are considering this operation should understand what goes into the rhinoplasty prior to the operation and what they can expect after it is complete.

Professional facial plastic surgeons want to bring clients state-of-the-art cosmetic surgery procedures while using the highest professional standards. Rhinoplasty is a common cosmetic surgery for clients that concentrates on reshaping the nose in some manner. The surgery includes a variety of procedures. You may want to change the angle of your nose, narrow the nostril span to make the nose less prominent on your face, remove humps and bumps at the bridge or along the nose length, or completely change the appearance of the nose. 

What Happens Prior to the Rhinoplasty Operation?

What Happens Prior to the Rhinoplasty Operation?

The first step of the nose surgery process is setting up a cosmetic consultation appointment. This allows the patient to meet face-to-face with the surgeon who will be performing the procedure. The doctor and the patient will have an open and honest discussion about the goals for the surgery and the importance of having realistic expectations.

Some cosmetic surgery clients seek plastic surgeons to perform rhinoplasty to correct damage to the nose due to injury or accident, or to correct a congenital disability or breathing issues. Expert rhinoplasty surgeons have spent considerable time developing the precision skills needed to perform the most complicated nose jobs, and some have even been credited with developing novel techniques that address surgical challenges.

After performing both a physical and mental health exam, the surgeon will have laboratory tests run on the patient in order to confirm that the patient is healthy enough for the surgery. After rhinoplasty candidacy has been confirmed, the doctor will create a set of individualized pre-operative instructions for the patient.

In most cases, the patient will be advised to quit smoking and drinking as well as avoid certain blood-thinning medications, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, for two weeks leading up to the surgery.

What Happens After the Rhinoplasty is Complete?

The post-operative period is one of the most critical steps in the rhinoplasty process. During this time, the patient must follow all instructions provided by the surgeon in order to guarantee the best results. In addition, patients should expect significant swelling and bruising after the operation, and the patient also may experience minor discomfort.

Personalized post-operative instructions will be given to the patient prior to the operation so that they can prepare ahead of time for this experience. Patients should rest with their head elevated for at least 48 hours after the operation, for this helps to reduce pressure and minimize swelling on the face. Patients should not blow their noses in the days immediately following the surgery. The splint should not be removed from the nose, and nasal dressings should be changed on a regular basis. Sunscreen should be used at all times in the weeks following the rhinoplasty, as the skin is especially vulnerable and susceptible to sun damage.

The rhinoplasty procedure takes approximately one to two hours. The procedure sculpts the nose cartilage and bone into the desired shape. There is some swelling, but most people can return to normal activities within a week.

What Happens After the Rhinoplasty is Complete?

Rhinoplasty Consultation with Expert Surgeons

Rhinoplasty is a popular surgery because the nose is a prominent facial feature. Clients choose rhinoplasty when they believe their nose detracts from their appearance because it is misshapen or disrupts natural beauty. Though it is called cosmetic surgery, a professional cosmetic surgeon understands that each person is made up of mind, body, and spirit, and not just body. Feeling good about yourself is vital to remaining self-confident and successful in life. From that perspective, rhinoplasty is a sculpting procedure that treats the client holistically.

Patients who are looking to have a nose job performed will want to seek out the counsel of an experienced and professional facial plastic surgeon. It is best to work with a surgeon who is truly considered an expert in the rhinoplasty procedure.

The expert surgeon will be able to help you create a rhinoplasty plan that achieves your personal goals without compromising the natural beauty and integrity of your face. The best cosmetic surgeon will ensure that you are truly a qualified candidate for this operation prior to booking your appointment in the operating room. If you are unhappy with your nose for any reason, there is a solution. Contact a board-certified facial plastic surgeon and discover why so many people from across the country choose rhinoplasty surgery. 

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