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The Comprehensive Guide to Eyelid Surgery

The blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a cosmetic surgery procedure that is designed to improve the appearance of the eyes. Most prospective cosmetic surgery patients know this surgery as the eyelid surgery, for it often eliminates excess skin and fat from the area around the eyes.

This increasingly popular facial plastic surgery can be performed on its own, but it is also a good complement to other cosmetic surgery procedures like the facelift or rhinoplasty. Prospective patients opt to have the blepharoplasty performed for a wide variety of reasons.

Eyelid surgery can be used for cosmetic reasons as well as for medical reasons in some individuals. As people age, the skin on both their upper and lower eyelids begins to show several signs of age, such as droopiness, lack of elasticity, and puffiness. Eyelid surgery can eliminate many of these concerns and may even extend people’s range of vision by removing tissue that is hanging over the eye. When used for a documented medical reason, eyelid surgery is often covered by health insurance.

Why Do Patients Opt to Have the Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Why Do Patients Opt to Have the Eyelid Surgery Performed?

Many people choose to have this surgery done because it will improve their appearance. The eyes are often referred to as the gateway to the soul. When a person’s eyes appear tired and worn out, it can take a significant toll on a person’s appearance. Most people who choose to have the blepharoplasty performed will do it in order to enhance the way that they look. It is often done in combination with other facial plastic surgery procedures.

Looking More Youthful

The blepharoplasty is also commonly performed as a solution to the aging process. Many people choose the cosmetic surgery route because they are sick of looking older than they really are or appearing older than they feel. The eyes can suffer significantly throughout the aging process, for the eyelid skin is thin and fragile. This procedure can set back the clock and allow any patient to look nearly 10 – 15 years younger after it is complete.

This unique cosmetic procedure also can be performed in order to rejuvenate a person and allow them to appear awake and energized. For some people, the blepharoplasty is essential for both their personal and professional lives. As the skin around the eyelids begins to droop, a patient can appear tired, frustrated, or angry at all times, regardless of how they really feel. Once the blepharoplasty is complete, the patient will look awake, relaxed, and excited to start any day.

Improving Vision

While largely performed for cosmetic reasons, the blepharoplasty also can be performed in order to help improve a person’s vision. As people age, drooping skin around the eyes can actually impair a person’s vision. The blepharoplasty will eliminate this excess skin and allow an aging patient to see properly again. It can be a life-changing experience for these patients.

During this operation, excess skin and fat deposits are removed from the area around the eyes. In addition, the surgeon also will tighten muscles in order to finalize the look. This ultimately allows a person to enjoy long-term results from their blepharoplasty procedure.

The Blepharoplasty Procedure Process

The Blepharoplasty Procedure Process

This cosmetic procedure does not last very long, especially if only the upper eyelids are done rather than both the upper and lower eyelids. When both uppers and lowers are corrected, the procedure typically takes two hours. It may be performed with only oral sedation, and local anesthetic, or more extensive cases may require general anesthesia. Cosmetic surgeons perform all of their eyelid surgery procedures in a safe and secure environment with cutting-edge technology to ensure that their patients get the quality of care that they deserve.

Experienced anesthesiologists with local hospital privileges as well as highly trained registered nurses will be on-site to help before, during, and after the procedure. The surgeon will answer any patient questions and take care of pain or other discomforts that patients may have. During the procedure, the cosmetic surgeon will make several incisions that will allow him to remove unneeded eyelid tissues and smooth the skin of the eyelids. They will most likely use sutures to close the incisions.

Recovery after Eyelid Surgery

Patients will be discharged home shortly after the procedure, where they will want to rest for at least two or three days. Within a day or two of the procedure, many surgeons will have the patients come back to the office for a follow-up appointment, during which they will inspect the incisions and the eyelids and find out how well the patient is recovering.

Eyelid surgery may be combined with a brow lift, facelift, or skin resurfacing for a more dramatic result. Many patients like to combine two procedures to save money on operating room, surgeon, post-operative and anesthesiology costs. In addition, these cosmetic procedures can bring a look of youth and vitality back into the face.

Regardless of the reason why a person wants to have the eyelid surgery performed, the patient should certainly seek out a qualified cosmetic surgeon to complete it. Only the best expert facial plastic surgeons will provide patients with the individualized results they both need and desire. Interested patients should begin the process of having a blepharoplasty performed by setting up a cosmetic consultation appointment.

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