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Considering Chin Implant Removal? 4 Critical Questions to Ask

Why would someone want to have a chin implant removal procedure? There are many reasons that patients opt to have a chin implant performed by a qualified facial plastic surgeon. Some people want to achieve a more distinguished facial profile, while others are simply hoping to restore harmony to the rest of their facial features.

Just as there are many reasons for wanting to have a chin implant procedure performed, there also are a variety of reasons why a patient would want to have a chin implant removal procedure done. Most cosmetic surgeons will perform this procedure after all other options have been explored, and patients should understand what the recovery process entails after the surgery is complete.

Why Do People Opt to have a Chin Implant Removal Procedure?

There are many reasons why patients decide to have a chin implant removal performed after they have opted to have a chin augmentation done. In some cases, the patient develops an infection, and the implant must be removed.

In other cases, the patient may simply not like the look or placement of the chin implant. Sometimes, an inexperienced surgeon might use an implant that is the wrong size for the patient, and at the same time, the implant may shift after it has been placed and the surgery is complete.

Why Do People Opt to have a Chin Implant Removal Procedure?

For some patients, working with a cosmetic surgeon who is not a facial plastic surgeon can result in a disappointing outcome. When a facelift procedure does not turn out as the patient had planned, the patient might feel hopeless. However, all hope is not lost — many patients are able to fix all the issues associated with their chin implant procedure by opting for a revision facelift through a board-certified plastic surgeon. A revision procedure can be a challenge, but expert surgeons are determined to provide patients with the outcomes that they wanted in the first place.

What Options Are Explored Prior to the Chin Implant Removal?

Typically the surgeon will not immediately jump to the conclusion that the chin implant removal is necessary. There can be complications associated with removing the chin implant, including leaving the patient with a chin that is recessed and lacking support and, therefore, forcing them to undergo a more significant recovery process.

In most cases, the surgeon will attempt to reposition the implant or resize the implant if necessary prior to removing it completely from the patient’s face. A chin implant removal procedure is often done as a last resort or in an emergency situation.

Whether a patient had a chin implant the first time around or a traditional facelift, an experienced plastic surgeon will work hard to ensure the patient leaves the operating room with natural-looking results after their revision procedure. Many other cosmetic surgeons will turn patients away because a revision procedure can be complicated, but the best plastic surgeons do not consider any revision too difficult for them to complete. Professional plastic surgeons also recognize that a revision procedure is essential for the patients’ overall health — both physical and emotional. They are cognizant of the impact that a facelift has on the psyche, and they want to get the job done right.

What Can Patients Expect During the Chin Implant Removal Recovery?

As this is the second surgery that the patient will have to endure, the chin implant removal recovery may be longer and more painful. In addition to removing the implant, the surgeon will have to tighten the muscles in the chin and adjust the chin’s structure in order to provide the best results for the patient. This can increase the amount of bruising, swelling, and pain during the recovery process.

At the end of the day, sometimes the best option for a particular patient is to undergo the chin implant removal surgery. Whether they did not enjoy the initial results from the surgery or they developed a complication that required a removal, they will need to make the decision that is best for their appearance and their health.

What Can Patients Expect During the Chin Implant Removal Recovery?

While many patients opt for a revision procedure in order to fix issues associated with a primary facelift or chin implant, there is also another reason that patients may end up having a revision surgery. While a facelift provides relief from aging symptoms, it cannot stop the aging process from continuing into the future. After a decade or so has passed since a primary facelift procedure, patients will notice that the signs of aging will reappear on their faces. At this point, a revision facelift can be performed to help the patient maintain their youthful appearance.

Working with Expert Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeons

Ultimately, patients should prioritize working with an expert cosmetic surgeon who has experience not only in the chin implant and augmentation procedures but also in the chin implant removal process. This will help minimize the risks associated with the surgery and also ensure that the patient gets the best results possible.

The first step to setting up a revision procedure is contacting a board-certified plastic surgeon’s office and setting up a free consultation appointment. At this initial consultation, the surgeon will do a physical and emotional assessment on the patient as well as evaluate any issues that need to be addressed during the revision procedure. Once the patient has been determined to be a good candidate for a revision, they will be able to book an appointment to have the surgery performed. Patients love that they can trust a facial plastic surgeon expert to get their revision done correctly.

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