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2 Approaches to Chin Implants for Great Results

The chin implant is a common cosmetic surgery procedure, largely because of its ability to redefine the facial profile and provide prominence to the chin. In many cases, prospective patients feel that their chins are recessed or look weak, and they would like to have their facial profiles appear more defined and distinguished.

Who Considers Chin Implant Procedures?

A chin implant is a great choice for individuals who struggle with a receding chin, or consider a cheek implant for poorly defined cheekbones. These implants add definition while maintaining a correct facial structure. The chin implants may be formed from several different substances, although silicone is one of the most commonly used options. An expert facial plastic surgeon will determine the shape, size, and type of implant that is best to be used depending on the patient’s goals and needs. 

The chin implant is a way to provide patients with the most natural-looking results, but it’s important to understand that two main approaches are used when performing this surgery. The facial plastic surgeon will either create an internal incision inside the mouth or an external incision below the chin itself.

A chin implant is used to repair weak or receding chins. A chin implant will increase the size of the chin. The implants that are used generally stretch from each side of the chin. They can be placed through either a small incision in the base of the chin or a small incision inside the mouth. Of course, an incision inside the mouth will leave no lasting scar.

 Internal or Intraoral Technique?

What is the Internal or Intraoral Technique?

The intraoral technique requires the surgeon to make the incision for this chin implant procedure inside the mouth. This technique is not as widely used by cosmetic surgeons across the country, largely because the infection rate is slightly higher than with the external approach. This is because it is impossible for the surgeon to completely sterilize the inside of the mouth prior to the operation taking place. In addition, it can be more difficult for the surgeon to place the implants from this angle.

What is the External Approach?

The external approach requires the surgeon to make a small incision underneath the chin. Some patients fear that this approach will leave them with visible scarring after the surgery, but that is not true. The scar is small and heals easily, so it is virtually invisible after the fact.

The external approach makes it easy for the surgeon to properly place the implants and sculpt the new chin, and patients also enjoy a shorter operation time.

Which Approach is Best for Me?

Ultimately, the facial plastic surgeon that you are working with will decide whether the internal or external approach is best for your chin augmentation. Be sure to have an open, honest discussion with your surgeon about your questions and concerns, and make sure that you feel comfortable with the decisions that are being made.

It would be best if you were working with an expert cosmetic surgeon who has significant experience with the chin implant procedure, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your surgeon is making the best judgment call for you as an individual. This is key to obtaining the best, most natural-looking results.

The chin implant procedure is a revolutionary cosmetic surgery procedure that has the ability to redefine the appearance of the face, all while addressing a facial feature that has been difficult to correct in the past. Through chin implants, patients are able to enjoy the chin that they have always wanted and are able to be proud of the face that they present each day.

Finding the Most Suitable Cosmetic Procedures

Finding the Most Suitable Cosmetic Procedures

The best candidates for any type of facial implant surgery are those who are generally healthy without any life-altering illness. In addition, patients should be adults whose faces have completely finished growing. Patients need to have a healthy outlook on the results of the surgery and realize that while the surgery will change the shape of their faces, it will not change their lifestyles, jobs, or friends.

All types of facial implants, like chin implants, are placed using surgical techniques and general anesthesia. The professional plastic surgeon will discuss all of the particulars of the surgery at an initial consultation. They will be able to provide before and after pictures of patients who have previously had the surgery, as well as provide simulated pictures of how the patient will look following surgery using our state-of-the-art digital computer technology. They will instruct patients about what medication to take or not take prior to chin implant surgery, or other implant surgeries like cheek implants, and will also instruct patients who smoke to quit smoking to aid the healing process.

A cheek implant, which is another alternative implant procedure, is used to help the cheekbones become more prominent. They are great for adding definition to the face and helping to improve flat cheekbones. They are typically placed through incisions inside the mouth to create a scar-free surgery.

Patients who are considering the chin implant procedure should talk with their cosmetic surgeon in order to decide if they are a qualified candidate for this particular surgery and to see which approach would be best for them as an individual.

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